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Osmo Brush Cleaner & Thinner

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Benzene-free brush cleaner and thinner designed to clean Osmo application tools as well as to dilute Osmo Finishes. Highly effective cleaning of natural bristle brushes and microfibre rollers. Other spirits tend to damage the bristles during extended soaking, whereas Osmo Brush Cleaner has been developed to take extra care of them when cleaning at the same time.

  • A premium quality brush cleaner for removing Osmo finishes from application tools
  • Can also be used as a thinning agent for Osmo finishes, solvent-based oils and acrylic paints
  • Helps promote longevity of the bristles and fibres of brushes and rollers
  • Benzene-free
  • Low odour



Option Details

Size: 1 L

Colour: 8000

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