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Ecopoxy UVPoxy

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UVPoxy is a high performance epoxy also used for bar tops and table tops which produces a high build crystal clear durable finish that resists yellowing and will not fade or crack over time. UVPoxy will self-level and can applied at a maximum depth of 1/4″ per layer.

The appearance of UVPoxy® can be customized using EcoPoxy’s super-concentrated Metallic Color Pigments, Liquid Color Pigments, and Polyester Color Glitters. Compatibility of the cured system with a variety of finishing methods, application techniques, and products ensures that desired custom finishes can be achieved.



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Size: 500ml

Colour: Americana

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Size: 1 L

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Size: 2 L

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Size: 4 L

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Size: 8 L

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