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Anigre (Rift/Quartered)

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Typically found in the western part of North America. It is a water loving, quick growing tree that thrives in moist conditions. Tends to be knottier than other hardwoods. However, variability between heartwood and sapwood is extremely low.


Tropical Areas of Africa


Pouteria spp. (formerly aningeria genus)


Heartwood is a light yellowish-brown, sometimes with a pinkish hue. Colour tends to darken to a more golden brown with age. Pale sapwood is not well defined. Figured grain is occasionally present, such as curly or mottled grain.


Grain is straight to interlocked, with a medium uniform texture and a good natural luster.


Diffuse-porous; radial multiples of 2-4; medium pores in short radial rows, few; tyloses occasionally present; parenchyma reticulate; narrow rays, spacing normal to fairly close.


Rated as non-durable to perishable. Not resistant to insect attack. Sapwood susceptible to blue fungal staining during initial drying.


Overall working characteristics are fair, though depending on the species used, Anigre may have silica present and therefore have a blunting effect on tools.


Anigre is reported to have a faint odor similar to cedar.


Besides the standard health risks associated with any type of wood dust, no further health reactions have been associated with Anigre.


Anigre is frequently sliced and sold as veneer, though solid boards are sometimes seen as well. Should be moderately priced for an imported hardwood.


Anigre is not listed in the CITES Appendices, but some species are reported by the IUCN as being conservation dependent. Cessation of any current conservation programs would likely result in a vulnerable or endangered Red List status.

Option Details

Species: ANIGRE

Size: 4/4

Thickness: 1"

Option Details

Species: ANIGRE

Size: 8/4

Thickness: 2"

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