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Alder (Superior)

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A fairly straight grained wood with pale, reddish hues that do not deepen with age like Cherry. Though on the soft side, it works, turns, machines and finishes well.

Red Alder is typically found in the western part of North America. It is a water loving, quick growing tree that thrives in moist conditions. On average this species tends to be knottier than other hardwoods. However, visibility between heartwood and sapwood is extremely low.


Red Alder tends to be a light tan to reddish brown; colour darkens and reddens with age. There is no visible distinction between heartwood and sapwood. The overall grain pattern and appearance is similar to Birch (Betula genus) though redder than Birch and both genera are derived from the same family, Betulaceae.


Grain is generally straight, with a moderately fine, uniform texture.


Diffuse-porous; small pores commonly in clusters or radial multiples of 2-4; growth rings distinct; smaller rays not visible without lens, larger aggregate rays less common but easily visible without lens; parenchyma banded (marginal), apotracheal parenchyma diffuse-in-aggregates.


Red Alder is rated non-durable to perishable regarding decay resistance, and freshly cut logs should be quickly converted into lumber and dried to prevent staining or decay in the wood.


Red Alder is very easy to work with both hand and machine tools; it sands especially easy. The wood is rather soft, however, and care must be taken to avoid denting it in some applications. Red Alder has excellent gluing, staining, and finishing properties; it also turns well and behaves similar to Black Cherry.


No characteristic odor.


Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Alder in the Alnus genus has been reported to cause eye, skin, and respiratory irritation.


Red Alder is usually sold in two different grades: knotty, and clear. Knotty Red Alder is likely to be very inexpensive, on par with other domestic utility woods such as Poplar or Aspen. Clear Red Alder is likely to cost a bit more, closer to other cabinet hardwoods such as Birch or Maple.


This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Information used by permission, The Wood Database

Option Details

Species: ALDER, Red

Size: 4/4

Grade: Superior

Thickness: 1"

Option Details

Species: ALDER, Red

Size: 8/4

Grade: Superior

Thickness: 2"

Option Details

Species: ALDER, Red

Size: 8/4

Thickness: 2"

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